A little studio introduction....


So as most of you are aware, I work within a wedding studio based in the sometimes (gotta be positive!) sunny Consett and am very fortunate to work with like minded individuals, so I thought it'd be nice to introduce you to the motley crew, sometimes shabby, but always welcoming and willing to make a brew gang!

First up we have the lovely bubbly Janette of Silver Birch Designs, a warm lady who will quite probably envelop you into a bear hug at your very first meeting. She hand crafts exceptional stationary and is able to cater for weddings whether they are big or small! As last years North East Customer Service winner you are guaranteed to be booking a professional but also creating your dream stationary for your big day. She loves to hum and sing out of tune but I forgive her most of the time as she makes a mean cup of tea! If you would like to chat about all things stationary or just want the opportunity to come and sample one of her cuppas then please drop her an email at janette@silverbirch-designs.com

Next up we have Michelle of KittyBeth, the best friend I could wish for and also at the risk of sounding like I'm obsessed with Tea and food. she makes mean sarnies to keep us going at the wedding fairs! ;-) A lovely lady who will put you at ease instantly, she has a gorgeous selection of table centers and chair covers that will really inspire you for your big day. She also sings slightly out of tune but considering her and Janette are sisters it's not surprising! If you'd like to discuss your wedding day requirements then please drop her an email at michelle@kittybeth.co.uk

Then finally we have the Ying to their yang, with The Larks, our resident band! They most definitely sing in tune, with the gorgeous Hayley with her absolutely stunning voice and Dan using a whole range of instruments, they bring a striped back beautiful and at the risk of sounding corny romantic element to your entertainment. If you would like to contact them then please email them at the-larks@hotmail.co.uk

That's it for our floor for now, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any of the bunch above or if you fancy speaking to me, then just head to the contacts page on here for your many options!

Sara xx

A special 2014 offer brought to you from the studio girls!

A special 2014 offer brought to you from the studio girls!

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